Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Michael, With Love.

So, confession: The art/craft store Michaels makes my heart sing. I have known for Michaels to make artists cringe but they just have such a nice selection at nice prices. Don't get me wrong I love the small high end art stores but they have to over price many of their products to stay afloat.  Michaels offers great sales, weekly coupons, and rewards program.

So, here are a few things that picked up recently:
 From right to left:
  • Extra strength glue stick (highly recommend if you can't afford YES! Paste)
  • Amazing and cute dollar isle pencil pouch (for my everyday bag)
  • Sketch book (you can never have to many)
  • Two packets of Rit Dye in Fuchsia and Sunshine Orange!
  • Cheap tablet of watercolor paper (to experiment on)

    Sincerely, Emily

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