Saturday, June 25, 2011

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Last weekend I went to the movies and saw The Green Lantern. This movie has been hyped like crazy for what feels like a year. It was one of the hot topics of comic-con last summer even though they were still filming. I am not going to get in to the whole plot of the movie so I will just say that it follows a man named Hal as he becomes a superhero with awesome powers that are generated though his ring (p.s. LOVE a man who knows the importance of accessorizing).

So what did I think of this movie? Eh. Not bad, Not great.

Let's start with the cons: The first thing I noticed was that the special effects weren't that great. This isn't something that I usually notice in movies but the quality wasn't what I expected for the high-budget movie that it was. The next thing was the timing/ pace of the movie, it would kind of lag in certain places and I couldn't really ever tell how far into the movie I was. I also didn't like Blake Lively's character. She started the movie as a tough as nails, strong woman and ended the movie as a helpless damesl in distress, but I guess the superhero has to save someone, right?

Now the pros: My biggest pro of this movie was the leading man Ryan Reyonds. No one and I mean no one could have played The Green Lantern better than him. He was funny, charming and doesn't look half bad in skin tight suit ;]

The bottom line: I would suggest you see it for Mr. Ryan Reyonds alone.

Sincerely, Emily

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