About Me

Hello there. The purpose of this page is so you can get to person behind this blog. To start off my name is Emily  ( which you probably guessed :] ). I am from Tucson, AZ where I grew long dark hair and big brown eyes. I am nineteen years old and an art student. I have wide array of interests that I don't think I could be placed under one category. I love music, movies, television shows, pop culture, fashion, and art. I love to make things with my hands.  I'm the type of girl who reads Vogue Magazine and who goes to San Diego Comic-Con every year.  I'm also the type of girl who can seamlessly discuss the complexities of Richard from Lost to Richard Serra to Michael Cera. The only thing that my interests have in common are the fact that they are all things that I find beautiful or aesthetically pleasing. With that said, welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by.