Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hallows and Horcruxes

I thought that since tonight is the premiere of the final Harry Potter movie I would to like to say a few *cough*extremely lame/nerdy*cough* things about a series of books that meant so much to me.

The first four HP books came out when I was very young. So young that it was my mother who read them to me before bed (I remember she cried a bit when Cedric died). I loved that time we spent together every night and it was her who planted a love of reading in me. I read the fifth, sixth, and seventh books on my own well, because at that point I was too old to be read to. These books were amazing and to a 12 year old girl reading quietly on her bed they really did feel like magic. These books started out as a silly children's story of spells and broomsticks and evolved into a harrowing tale of good vs evil and of love and how really important it is in a world where even our friends can fall.
I am not going to the midnight premiere tonight (I'm not that much of a fan of midnight premieres). But I am going Sunday with my mom when the crowds have died down a bit. Still REALLY excited. Don't tell anyone, but I actually re-read the last book in preparation for the film.

P.S. Did I tell you that I got to see all of the Horcruxes in person? I took more pictures of the diadem and locket and stuff but all I could find on my computer was this slightly blurry photo of Tom Riddle's diary still cool right?
Sincerely, Emily

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